hortus – 2nd album

june 2021

1st april 2021

Still Rolling Stones

Lucea – Cover (Lauren Daigle)

And the waves

Gods of Magellan – Single

2nd january 2021

9th november 2020




LDjam 46

A top-down game of adventuring, shooting and exploration!

Initially made in 72h for Ludum Dare 46 🙂 then improved!

18th-21th april 2020

5th-9th october 2019


LDjam 45

Those pesky employees keep wanting to get paid – but you’ve spent it all on acquiring Poulinox​​. Luckily, you’ve got a few ideas on how to keep them busy… and how to make them spend ​their​ money, which you’ll them happily pay them with. Well.

Part of it, anyway.

Code by fasterthanlime

Artwork by bigsylvain

OST and sound by Clément Barral


may 2019

7th october 2018

S.A.C. Trio

Madérisyon - Live show

Grenoble, home show

january 2018

january 2018

Le Petit Prince

Theatrical adaptation with live music

The Smiling Man

Short-film OST

Through the night in the city, a lone walker crosses a weird character who begins to follow him and this experience will turn into a visceral challenge that will permanently damage the young man.

Director: Eddy Juillerat

Starrring: Clément Barral and Damien Vuarraz.

Music: Moonchimes

october 2017

november 2016


Short-film OST

A day like any other, on the occasion of small incidents, a very self-confident woman entrepreneur sees the thread of her existence interrupted by the rise of a distant image.

Director: Eddy Juillerat

Starring: Maria Fitzi

Music: Moonchimes

Madérisyon - Live show

september 2016

january-july 2015


Follow-up on Lestac

Gods of Magellan

26 august 2014

25th-28th april 2014

Ants at War

Ludum Dare 29 – Jam entry

“Ants at War” is a 2D real-time strategy game, with a flavor of tower defense game.

Two different species of ants are fighting to protect their respective queen.

Code: Ouly
Art & audio: bigsylvain


Ludum Dare 28 – Jam entry

Lestac is a bright and young man lost in a dull world. On his quest for a way out he will encounter several strange personages, which all crave for a special object (or two…). As a master of bargaining, Lestac will surely find a way to trade anything in exchange for some precious advice or items!

Music, art, levels and code by fasterthanlime and bigsylvain

13th-16th december 2013

26th-29th april 2013


Ludum Dare 26 – Jam entry

Huit is a minimalist strategy game.

Game and soundtrack by fasterthanlime and bigsylvain


Ludum Dare 25 – Jam entry

You considered yourself the Prince of Thieves, never getting caught, always slippering through the net of the cops… Until one day you fall into the trap of a sly dragon! The only way out it to accept his offer: work for him and help him gain more money and power


His plan is very simple: if someone destroys the home of a citizen, his insecurity will push him to contract a new insurance! Therefore the more you destroy, the more money you will get at the end!

Game by fasterthanlime and bigsylvain

14th-17th december 2012

24th-27th april 2012


Ludum Dare 24 – Jam entry

Bioboy is a platformer… with a twist! You can’t jump or run, all you can do is shoot bubbles (or bullets).

Dictator Price’s daughter needs rescuing. Go through 21 levels in increasing number of difficulty, dealing with inert blocks, ice blocks, arrow blocks, snow blocks, spring blocks, bombs, and more! Gain points, unlock powers, and go obtain better times on other levels.
Soundtrack by bigsylvain

Lonely Planet

Ludum Dare 22 – Jam entry

Lonely Planet is a platformer where you have to feed a planet with baddies until it lets you escape in your small rocket ship. Levels of increasing difficulty give you excuses to jam at your keyboard in a desperate attempt not to get crunched into bloody pieces by the flock of baddies. You’ll have no choice but to ride them if you want to attain the high places where you rocket ship might have hidden!

Game by fasterthanlime, Nat Schlagmann and bigsylvain

16th-19th december 2011

july 2010


2D Bomber game

Code: Ouly

Art: bigsylvain